January 2016

Vacancy: Commercial Director

Company Overview:

The Creative Industries Federation is the national membership body for the all the UK’s public arts, commercial creative industries and cultural education. 

Launched amid much acclaim in November 2014, the Federation has just marked its first year of operation with a major anniversary event at which the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, gave the keynote speech. In barely a year, the Federation has established its position as the umbrella voice of Britain’s fastest growing sector. The task now is to ensure financial sustainability and plan for growth of the organisation.

Our membership scheme, launched in January 2015, welcomes all – from publishing to digital media, broadcasting and film, visual arts, performing arts, architecture and design, advertising, crafts, video games and more. We bring together private sector and publicly funded organisations, start-ups, think tanks and education bodies, large and small, across the country. Our many hundreds of members, from the multi-nationals to up-and-coming individuals and start-ups, share a common cause in furthering the success of the sector and each benefits from our unique network and our strong policy and research work. 

Overview of Role:

This is one of the most exciting positions anywhere in the creative industries and arts. The Commercial Director will play a pivotal role in the organisation. You will work closely with the CEO, John Kampfner, to run the business side of the operation. You will be a key figure in the Senior Management Team, overseeing the business plan and financial development of the Federation. You will be responsible for the commercial development of the company, a not-for-profit, for increasing the number of members, corporate patrons and other members of the investment community, and for deepening relationships with them.

You will display strong sales skills, while also demonstrating finely honed communications and diplomatic acumen. You will liaise closely with the Board of Directors and particularly its Finance and Audit Committee and its Development Committee. You will represent the organisation when required at conferences, events and cultural and networking events. 

Key Deliverables:

•    Manage the organisation as a high performing (not-for-profit) business
•    Increase sales and turnover by helping the membership team develop new ideas and prospects
•    Increase sales by identifying other means of raising revenue
•    Deliver rigorous and efficient financial planning and reporting to the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board
•    Work with the Senior Management Team to deepen relationships with existing members 
•    Work collaboratively with all Federation stakeholders
•    Work with the CEO on issues relating to the Board and Advisory Council, and related bodies
•    Work closely and collaboratively at all times with the Federation's policy, research, events and communications teams.

Required Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

•    Strong sales experience
•    A proven track record in, and enthusiasm for, fund-raising and revenue accrual
•    A minimum 5 years work at a senior management level in business
•    Strong contacts across business and also preferably in the creative industries and arts 
•    Strong interest in the creative industries and arts
•    Clear and authoritative writing style and a confident communications manner
•    Managing teams and HR policies.

Personal Qualities:

•    A rigorous knowledge of business and of financial management
•    Robust, hard-working, flexible and high energy – outgoing, confident and leading from the front at a very fast and demanding pace
•    An innovator, not shy of suggesting new ideas and ways of working
•    A skilled problem solver – finding the way to get things done and always looking for ways to improve
•    Reliable – with an ability to adapt to constantly developing circumstances and challenges and able to prioritise effectively.


Negotiable, for a full-time, five-day week; the package may include a bonus element. Central London office, but with a requirement to travel within the UK.


The deadline for applications is midday Wednesday 10 February. Applicants will be required to submit a CV and a covering letter of between 400 and 800 words. This should address, inter alia, two questions: why the applicant is best suited for the position and what practical new ideas the applicant will bring to enhance the business.

Interviews will take place before the end of February.

Applicants should be in a position to take up the role by the end of May 2016. All applications will be taken in strictest confidence.

All applications and any queries should be addressed directly to the CEO, John Kampfner, john@creativeindustriesfederation.com

Date issued:
18 January 2016