About us

The Creative Industries Federation is the national organisation for the UK’s creative industries. We put the sector at the heart of political, economic, and social decision-making.

The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the UK economy spanning advertising, architecture, and heritage to video games, performance, and publishing. They are worth £91.8bn GVA - more than oil and gas, life sciences, automotive and aerospace industries combined.

The Federation is entirely independent. Our revenues - and our strength - come from more than 1,000 companies, organisations, institutions and individual practitioners, working in every part of the creative industries - commercial and publicly-supported - as well as in the education system that supports them all.

We work with our members in all cities, regions, and nations to strengthen the voice of the UK's creative industries, advocate sector priorities, convene our network with thought leaders, politicians, and practitioners, and deliver practical services to support our creative community.


Creative Careers and Skills

With increasing automation and easy access to new tech, the future demand for creative and technical skills will be high and ever growing. We need to tackle this challenge head on to ensure our world-leading industries maintain their competitive edge.

We aim to restore the centrality of creative and technical skills, advocating this case to government and delivering practical interventions to help young people, teachers, careers advisers, and parents better understand the range of creative jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities that are possible, and how to pursue them.

Entrepreneurship and Growth

The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, and play a significant role in unlocking innovation and growth in other sectors too. This success is fuelled by established international brands all the way through to micro-businesses, self-employed workers and freelancers.

We want to support these entrepreneurs and help grow creative enterprises by delivering practical services for our members. Building on the strength of our research and advocacy to date, we will also champion the priorities of these constituents and work closely with national and local government to identify means to grow the sector at large.

EU and International

We want to invite creatives from around the world to work with us and, in time, become the voice for the sector internationally. Post-Brexit, we will need to be more open and collaborative than ever before.

We will be thought leaders on global opportunities, convening practitioners and policy-makers from around the world to identify how the creative industries can tap in to new markets and respond to global challenges. We will play a central role in shaping our future relationship with the EU and influence the UK’s trade deals to help unlock the sector’s global growth potential.


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