Andrea Stark

Director of Employment, Skills and Culture

Andrea Stark is Director of Employment, Skills and Culture at Islington Council. During her career Andrea has focussed on making culture and creative industries more inclusive.

She led the partnership responsible for High House Production Park in Thurrock, which established a centre for education, vocational training and apprenticeships in creative industries. During her tenure Andrea collaborated with local councils, LEP and business leaders to advance a wider strategic role for the to sector at the heart of regional plans for inclusive economic development.

As a member of the National Executive Board of Arts Council England , Andrea strengthened relationships between ACE and wider government, particularly DCLG, BIS and DWP. She led the development of the Arts Council’s first national apprenticeship programme to open up routes to paid employment in the cultural sector. While Chief Executive of Eastern Arts Board, Andrea devised a region-wide arts and economic development investment strategy that led to a series of new cultural centres across the East of England As a senior manager for Dundee City Council and the City of Sunderland, she led regeneration initiatives to position libraries, museums and arts services as an integral part of successful place making.

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