Pardeep Duggal

Digital Transformation Leader

Pardeep Duggal is a digital and transformation leader with experience across the energy, finance and banking and retail sectors. She loves to work in companies and sectors willing to build digital capacity to transform customer experience. Pardeep has extensive expertise in strategy, planning, marketing, brand development and online customer service.

One of very few BAME female leaders in the digital space, Pardeep led  E.ON‘s customer transformation, joining in 2011 to build capability as part of the marketing leadership team and co-create a digitisation strategy with E.ON’s CEO.

Over five years Pardeep secured investment of more than £25m and drove savings of £36m. She transformed E.ON’s UK digital team from the smallest in marketing by size and budget, growing it to the largest with 60 colleagues. Pardeep’s legacy at E.ON is the UK business led E.ON’s digital capability globally, with online visitor numbers trebling to over 32m, making digital its primary service channel. Pardeep has a BSc in Business Management from Bradford University Business School – during which she won a scholarship from Bradford & Bingley Building Society – followed by an MSc in Marketing Management from Aston University.    Pardeep has broad non executive experience. She currently serves on the Post Office Advisory Council, and previously served on the Board of Go ON UK, a digital inclusion charity chaired by Baroness (Martha) Lane-Fox.

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