Tim Davie

Tim Davie took up the position of industry chair of the Creative Industries Council in June 2018. The Council is a joint forum between the sector and government which focuses on areas where there are barriers to growth facing the sector, such as access to finance, skills, export markets, intellectual property (IP) and infrastructure.
Davie took on his role leading BBC Studios, a commercial subsidiary of the BBC, in April 2018, having served as CEO of BBC Worldwide since April 2013. Before this, he served as Acting BBC Director General from November 2012, and as Director, Audio & Music since September 2008. Davie joined the BBC in April 2005 as Director of the BBC’s Marketing, Communications & Audiences division following his role as Vice President, Marketing and Franchise, as PepsiCo Europe. In April 2017 Davie was appointed to the new BBC Executive Board.

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