Alan Bishop replaces John Kampfner as CEO of the Creative Industries Federation

July 16, 2018

The Creative Industries Federation Board today announces that Alan Bishop, former CEO of the Southbank Centre, Central Office of Information and Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi International, will succeed John Kampfner as CEO of the Creative Industries Federation. 

The Federation was formed in 2014 as a membership-based movement to complement the advocacy, support and campaigning work of individuals, companies and trade bodies within the creative industries sector, providing a collective voice and view where needed.  The independent, sector-wide approach has played an important part in positioning the sector at the forefront of the Government-led Industrial Strategy formulation.

John Kampfner was instrumental in making this first phase of the Federation’s existence a resounding success.  After more than four years at the helm, John and the Board have agreed that he should step down to pave the way for a new phase of strategic development. Alan will begin his work on Monday July 16th and John will continue to assist him in the representation of the Federation with external stakeholders during a four month transition period. 

John commented:

‘More than four years after I helped to establish the Creative Industries Federation, it is time for the organisation to have a new leader. I am proud that this amazing sector now has a representative body that has given it a political heft and cohesion never achieved before. I am pleased that the Board has asked Alan Bishop to succeed me. Alan has just the right skills to lead the Federation into the next phase. I will be delighted to support the Fed over the next few months, representing it externally to our many members and stakeholders, and wish Alan, the team and the Board all the very best.’

Alan Bishop has been recruited with three goals in mind: to ensure that our advocacy capabilities develop further in terms of their strategic and creative content; to ensure that our agenda fully reflects the needs and priorities of our members and to guide our organisation, skills and culture to fit the demands of that agenda, with early emphasis on creative careers and the continuing need to help shape Brexit to the best interests of the sector. This goal will include finding the right CEO for the longer term.

Creative Industries Federation Chairman, Rick Haythornthwaite, commented:

‘Creativity will be more crucial than ever to a post-Brexit Britain. If the pump-priming efforts of the Government are to be leveraged to the full, the nation’s creative leaders – whether within the creative industries sector or elsewhere – must own the challenge of turning imagination into reality.  Sometimes this requires an overarching, independent force to help channel excellent but diffuse sector contributions into focused and coherent initiatives – mapping the landscape, championing collaboration, linking innovation, shaping communication and giving credit where credit is due upon success.  This is why the Creative Industries Federation exists and matters.

Its Board wishes John well and thanks him for his enormous contribution – his passion, commitment and persistence were essential qualities in our pioneering days. Alan Bishop, whom I know well from my days as chair of the Southbank Centre, is the ideal successor and leader of the Federation as we transition to our next phase. The future of the Creative Industries Federation lies in becoming more forensic and innovative in our advocacy and raising our efforts to help navigate through blockages in the national creative ecosystem and process.’

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