June 04, 2020


9th - 11th November 2020

There has never been a more important time to bring the creative industries together to do what we do best, to innovate and redefine our future.

This unique 3-day event brings together the UK’s finest creators, makers, leaders and innovators, at a time when we need it most, to reimagine, redefine and reignite our creative industries. Showcasing home-grown, world-class talent, Creative Coalition 2020 will be a blend of inspiring talks and panels, live performances, practical workshops and networking events - all streamed from venues across the country, directly to our audience at home.

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Creative Coalition Festival Map



In ‘Our Plan to Rebuild’, government has outlined its strategy to restart and recover the UK economy. A gradual return to work, coupled with strict social distancing measures and health and safety guidelines, will govern this recovery for the weeks and months to come. The Federation has worked closely with members and government to support those most in need, and this work will continue. 

But now, it is imperative that we also look ahead. We need to paint a picture of what recovery could look like for both our nation and our sector, outlining how we’re going to get there with support from government and from our industry at large.

The Creative Coalition will be a major consultation project with members, fellow industries, partners and UK, devolved and local government to paint a picture of what our future economy and society could look like, and how our creative industries are central to realising this vision. The purpose of the coalition is to reimagine our sector and create an inspirational view of what our future could look like, backed up with meaningful evidence and ideas. We aim to highlight the value that creativity, creative skills and the creative industries can bring to the UK’s economic, social and cultural recovery, and outlines how our diverse creative ecosystem, in all parts of the country, can take full advantage of the COVID-19-driven digital acceleration.

Our sector and its potential has long been undervalued, and we now have the opportunity to make the case for the importance of our sector more powerfully than ever before. The pandemic has highlighted just how central creativity and creative content is to the nation’s mental health, in supporting the most vulnerable, and mobilising people and places across the UK. Now, we need to be just as creative with our solutions for recovery as we are in what we create, and crucially, make clear what industry can bring to the table.

Key principles of the Creative Coalition:

  • Reimagine: Painting a picture of what we as a nation want and need the future to look like, beyond the ‘new normal’ narrative.

  • Rebuild: Helping communities, organisations, individuals, and those most affected by COVID-19 to build back better, in all parts of the UK.

  • Renew: Creating the conditions that simplify, enable and incentivise investment in new ideas, content and services, across all industries.

  • Resilience: Building a strong, resilient and entrepreneurial workforce and ways of doing business, fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Reciprocity: Strengthening support and collaboration between creative freelancers, organisations, the creative industries and other sectors, at a national, devolved and local level. 

What do we want to achieve?
Our overarching objective is to ensure creativity is hard-baked into the UK’s economic and social rebuild, with the institutions, government strategy and infrastructure in place to enable the creative industries to bounce back, give back and grow.

We will measure our success against the following:

  • The adoption of a unified ask of both government and industry, with a clear outline as to what industry can bring to the table.

  • Widespread recognition, particularly by government, of the value that creativity, creative skills and the creative industries can bring to the UK’s economic, social and cultural recovery.

  • Significant engagement from members, influencers, and the sector-at-large in the development, advocacy and delivery of the ideas.

How will we achieve this?
Bringing our sector together in a truly collaborative way, we will collectively create an accessible and inspirational pamphlet and accompanying campaign, outlining our vision of the future, case for creativity and a set of bold yet practical ideas to achieve our overarching objective. These ideas need to outline what industry and partners can/should do and bring to the table, as much as the asks we want to make of government. This will add enormous power to our case and increase the possibility of impact and long-lasting sustainable change.

We need the support of our members to join the following working group sessions and provide valuable insights and ideas to the Creative Coalition. Working group details:

The Case for Creativity
The vital role that creativity, creative skills and the creative industries play in realising the above, not just as we look to restart our economy, but in the years to come. 

Members-only working group session: Friday 12th June, 11am - 12.30pm

Chaired by: Sir Peter Bazalgette (Executive Chairman of ITV) and Karen Blackett OBE (UK Country Manger of WPP)

The Future of Work
A set of ideas as to how our sector can redeploy, reskill and recruit to ensure the value of creativity and creative skills is maximised for the whole economy and society.

Members-only working group session: Thursday 18th June, 9:30-11am

Chaired by: Richard Johnston (Chief Executive of Endemol Shine UK) and Catherine Mallyon (Executive Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company)

The Future of Business 
A set of ideas which leverage the entrepreneurial, creative, innovative and agile nature of our sector to benefit our economy and civil society.

Members-only working group session: Wednesday 24 June, 9.30-11am

Chaired by: Debbie Bestwick (Chief Executive of Team17) and Natalie Humphreys (Managing Director, Storyboard Studios)

Members, you can register your interest for any of these working groups, by emailing 

We will also be hosting open workshops to engage with our Community members, enabling us to listen and act on our ideas as to how we translate these solutions into practical action, as well as Creative Leaders breakfast sessions on selected topics. Further details will be announced shorty.


If you want to get involved with any of the above, and you are not yet a member, we are currently offering 3 months free membership for freelancers and microbusinesses working within the creative industries. Email to find out more. 

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