Creative Industries Manifesto published today

October 29, 2019

While talent and creativity can be found everywhere, access to the money, markets and networks needed to succeed cannot. The result is lost opportunities for individuals and communities as well as a cost to the national economy. 

This 10-point manifesto outlines our statement of intent, and aims to drive inclusive growth and innovation across towns, cities and rural areas, in every nation and region throughout the UK. It builds on the landmark Creative Industries Sector Deal, agreed by government with the Creative Industries Council working with the Creative Industries Federation and others.

Hundreds of creative organisations and individuals from every region of the UK have contributed to the development of the manifesto. With the House of Commons voting for a general election on December 12th, it is vital that the key issues impacting the UK's creative industries are addressed in the campaign and policy changes are made by the next Government to enhance our thriving sector and move past no-deal uncertainty. 

Download the manifesto here.

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