The Creative Industries PEC has launched a call for research proposals

August 08, 2019

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre has launched a call for research proposals to produce independent evidence that can aid the development of policies to support the continued success of the creative industries in the UK. In particular, the PEC’s Management Board has agreed the following four areas of research need, which applicants are encouraged to address: 

  • Contributions, following the publication of The Augar Review of Post-18 Education, to understanding the value of creative post-18 education and the measurement of this value.
  • Deepening understanding of how cultural institutions and the cultural sector contribute to the creative industries in their local areas, including to the growth of local creative industries.
  • Deepening understanding of how freelancers and micro enterprises contribute to the UK’s creative industries, and of the particular challenges that they face.
  • Developing an understanding of business models and business model innovation in the creative industries, relating for example to the creation and capturing of value within value networks.

Applicants should be based in the UK and may be based in Higher Education Institutions, Independent Research Organisations or commercial research consultancy companies. Individuals included in the PEC consortium are not eligible to apply.

The PEC will be supporting up to 5 projects in total, each with budgets in the range of c.£30k-c.£60k. 

The deadline for applications is 16.00 on Monday 30th September 2019.

For general queries regarding the application process please e-mail"

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