Guest blog from Culture Declares Emergency

June 26, 2019

There is no doubt. In this moment, humanity faces the combined catastrophes of climate change, a mass extinction of vital biodiversity and a degradation of ecosystems health everywhere.

This is the Climate and Ecological Emergency, or the Planetary Emergency.

Of these, climate change is the major threat multiplier because it is non-linear, containing many systems that feed back on each other and accelerate change.  This has now become an emergency situation because governments and industry have not shown the necessary leadership, and, so far, have not acted fast enough. Fortunately, humans are capable of responding in a remarkable variety of ways to accelerate climate solutions and adaptations, and Arts and Culture can help stir up human response as well as creating new stories and visions for our world. 

So we are asking, What is Culture’s role in these times?

Culture Declares Emergency is a growing community of creative practitioners and organisations concerned about the dire state of our living planet.  Since launching in April, over 400 individuals and organisations have ‘declared’ emergency as part of a growing movement demanding urgent action and systemic change.

To follow up, Culture Declares Emergency is convening a big creative conversation, as part of London Climate Action Week, to explore the potential of Arts and Culture in a Planetary Emergency. 

Whether you've declared, or want to explore what it might mean to declare and the action that could follow, take part in this energising assembly at the Roundhouse, to reimagine our relationships to one another and the world.  We will also be announcing the Second Wave of declarers, and there is still time to be included. 

Tickets available from the Roundhouse box office

£40 per person for large organisations

£20 per person for small organisations

£5 for freelancers

If you can't afford a donation, please get in touch

Culture Declares Emergency is a voluntary movement and the ticket income will go to cover the actual costs of the event.

Lunch is not provided.  Tea/coffee will be available to purchase and do bring a sustaining snack.

This will be an active event, moving around the space.  Please let us know about any access needs when you book.

Young people are very welcome.  If you work with young people and want to bring a group to the event, please get in touch.

If you have any queries about this event contact

Many thanks to the Roundhouse for hosting the assembly and making it possible.

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