Erica Wolfe-Murray's Top Tips

January 16, 2019

Having worked with nearly 300 companies in the creative, cultural and tech sector over the last seven years, Lola Media founder Erica Wolfe-Murray helps businesses to grow, to innovate and to build revenue streams that encourage greater commercial resilience.  Having worked as both a creative head and a financial director, she harnesses both aspects of business to ensure as imaginative commercial evolution.

Her new book ‘Simple Tips, Smart Ideas : Build a Bigger, Better Business’ is out on 24th January 2019.  Full of easy-to-use advice, contemporary case studies, quick tips, diagrams and innovative ways to think about growing your business – its 288 full colour pages will help you transform your business.  Available to pre-order now  

In this series, Erica will be offering up tips on how you can grow your creative enterprise with confidence and resilience. 


  1. Defining your hopes and dreams – both personal and work-related – will give you a horizon to aim for.

The very first question I ask freelancers, company owners and boards when I start working with them is to tell me their hopes and dreams.  It seems such a simple question, but so many find it hard to answer. Yet these should be the foundations of why you are working and doing what you do.

I don’t expect the answers to be purely limited to business ambitions either.  It is vital that you have your personal aspirations out there too. What do you ultimately want from what you are doing?

This question can feel exposing if there are several in the room together, but it is important to know each other’s dreams – even if they are very different from yours.  

The hopes and dreams of company founders, of freelancers provide the horizon for the company’s aims.  The lodestar for the route your business will be following. It should be at the very core of your business planning.  

So start 2019 by finding the time to explore what these are for you, for your team.  Now you know the reasons underpinning the route you are travelling.




Build your business on your strengths

  1. Build your business on your strengths

This sounds painfully obvious, doesn’t it?  But most companies do not spend time really understanding what their strengths are.  They think they know them, but have never mapped them out consistently, or indeed fully.

An easy way to do this is to get everyone with influence in your business to tell their life story.  And listen, really listen to their experiences, the passions, their career. Write down all those key points that you recognise as a strength.  The list will be lengthy as you cover everyone’s lives. Languages, hidden skills, childhood events, overseas homes, different worlds, under-used skills… they make a unique cocktail of strengths for your business to draw on.  One that is hidden in plain sight.

Once you have distilled the list, think through how best you can use these as a springboard to help your business move forward, develop new products and services or approach a new audience.


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