EU and UK creative industries discuss Brexit joint recommendations in Brussels

October 04, 2018

On Monday 24th September, the Fed participated in a workshop in Brussels organised by British Council, Bozar and the European Cultural Foundation. The workshop brought together more than 60 UK and EU creative leaders from across the creative industries sub-sectors to discuss Brexit concerns around mobility, funding and legal questions. Several Fed members took part in the discussions.

It was clear that many of the concerns held by the UK’s creative industries are shared by our European counterparts. Both EU and UK participants highlighted the negative impact of Brexit on their continued ability to work together and to benefit from the mobility of talent between the UK and EU. Collaboration and mobility have been pivotal to their economic success and to the promotion of cultural diversity.

Moreover, participants expressed the need for a robust legal basis on issues such as state aid, the free flow of data and recognition of professional qualifications, and the need to work towards a framework of mutual recognition for audiovisual-related legislation.

The result of the workshop was a press release and recommendations aimed at UK government and the European Union. As we get closer to the October European Council Summit, these recommendations will provide UK and EU negotiators with clarity on the direction they need to travel in order to reach an agreement which is in the interests of both the UK and EU creative industries. Many participants felt their interests are being overlooked by UK government and the EU.

Many of these recommendations agreed at the workshop are in line with the Federation’s own recommendations outlined in its Global Talent and Global Trade reports, and members-only EU funding briefing. Please feel free to share the workshop recommendations and Federation reports with your contacts.

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