Fashion Roundtable 1 Year Anniversary x Bistrotheque x Brexit

October 31, 2018

Fashion Roundtable will be one year old on 21/11/2018. In that year we have worked on events in London, inside the Houses of Parliament, Mumbai and across the UK festival season. We also shared our Brexit Paper with our analysis of what Fashion needs, as shown in our film for SHOWstudio.

In partnership with iconic Bistrotheque to celebrate our 1st anniversary, this event will take place in their beautiful Private Dining Room, where you will be able to order drinks in advance of our Brexit panel talk. After the event you are invited to their upstairs bar for drinks and food from their delicious menu.

Whatever your nationality and whether you are a luxury international brand, a freelance creative or a self-employed tailor, a brand selling direct to consumers on your Instagram, or a global chain, all of us will be affected by the decisions made about Brexit.

However apolitical you are, the votes and decisions made by politicians impact where, how and when you can work - and for how much (or how little). Come join our engaging panel of experts to best understand the changes that Brexit will inevitably bring to you, your life, and your business.

Confirmed speakers include

Zowie Broach Head of Fashion at The Royal College of Art, Business Of Fashion 500 Member and co founder and designer at avant-garde fashion house Boudicca.

Cozette McCreery Brand Ambassador for Iceberg, Former Director for fashion brand Sibling and DJ

Dr Swati Dhingra Associate Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, researching globalisation and industrial policy. She is co-author of Life After Brexit, which explores the UK's options outside the EU. Swati is also Economics Expert at Fashion Roundtable.

William Turvill Business Reporter Mail On Sunday, former reporter for City AM.

Navjyot Lehl works at UK in a Changing Europe: the think tank leading analysis on Brexit and the UK's relationshop with Europe. She is also Fashion Roundtable's UK Politics Expert.

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