Federation: EU Referendum Response

June 08, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Creative Industries Federation today pledges to play a positive role in safeguarding the future of the UK’s arts, creative industries and cultural education and their significant contribution to the economy in light of the decision to leave the European Union.

John Kampfner, chief executive, said: “As the UK creates a new identity and a new position on the world stage, our arts and creative industries - the fastest growing sector in the economy - will play an important role.

“It will be vital for all sides to work together to ensure that the interests of our sector on issues including access to funding and talent are safeguarded as the UK forges its new relationship with Europe. The importance of British culture in representing our country to the world will be greater than ever.” 

After a campaign that highlighted deep social, geographic and economic divisions, the role the arts can play will be significant. “Within the UK, we will play our part in helping to bridge divides within and between the nations and regions of the country.”

The Federation, which held a high-profile debate on the EU in April, and whose members' poll showed an overwhelming vote in favour of remaining, plans to hold a series of events to engage the creative community on charting a way ahead. Details will be released shortly.

The Federation’s members' survey showed more than 96% support for Remain, with 4% in favour of Leave*. (A number of Federation members were by statute unable to participate in the poll. These included members in receipt of government funding, those that are arms-length governmental bodies, such as Arts Council England or Creative Scotland, or have public service broadcasting obligations.) 

The Federation has played a prominent role in major issues affecting the UK’s cultural sector since its launch 18 months ago.

Last autumn, in conjunction with partners, we secured a better-than-expected funding settlement for the publicly-supported arts and in the past few months we have worked to ensure the continued strength of the BBC and particularly its role within the creative industries ahead of the publication of the Government’s White Paper. We will continue to represent the interests of members across national, devolved and local government and beyond on ongoing issues including creative education and access to finance.

The creative industries were worth £84.1bn to the economy in 2013-2014 and grew by 8.9 per cent - almost double the rate of the economy as a whole. Europe is currently the largest export market for the creative industries, taking 57% of all overseas trade.

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