Federation Hackathon in partnership with Media Trust

May 24, 2018

We ran an interactive and fast-paced hackathon with young adults to help inform the development of our Creative Careers Campaign.

The hackathon took place on May 11 at the Museum of London which included a series of short talks from Daniel Onyia from Chocolate Films, Aisling Serrant, Family Festivals Programme Manager at the Museum of London and Joel Airebamen, a Lead Animator at Jellyfish Pictures. They shared insights on what inspired creativity in them at that age and what that led them to do.

The event sat within Media Trust’s Creativity Works programme - a crash course of media masterclasses and employment skills training for young Londoners wanting to break into the creative industries. 

Challenge and Methodology

We set a group of young adults the following challenge: how would they go about inspiring passion for creativity amongst 11-16 year olds and communicating what this creativity could lead to when they leave school? There were no creative boundaries to the task! They could compile an instagram story, come up with event ideas, vlogs, a series of images or photographs - whatever they thought would have the most impact.


We had a great response from the challenge with the young adults very keen to voice their opinions on how best to communicate this message to teachers, parents, carers and careers advisors as well as 11-16 year olds.

Click the banner above to watch the highlights. 

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