The Federation responds to the announcement of an  unprecedented £1.57 billion package to protect UK’s creative industries

July 05, 2020

Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO of the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England, said:

This unprecedented £1.57 billion investment is a seismic step forward. Our creative industries are teetering on the brink of cultural collapse - and this could be the game changer we need. 

The voice of the creative sector has been heard loud and clear by the government and we warmly welcome their response.  This investment acknowledges the mission critical role that the UK’s creative industries will play in recovery and growth in all parts of the country.

However while this support will rescue many, so much has changed during the pandemic; there won’t necessarily be an easy return to normal. It is particularly heartening to see the reference to supporting freelancers, who are a phenomenally important part of the creative industries ecosystem. 

But there will be so much more to do to ensure that our world-beating creative sector can thrive once more and as we move forwards through the challenging days and months ahead it will be crucial that the creative industries work together to reimagine all of our futures. 

I’m confident the creative industries will play a vital role in powering the UK out of the forthcoming economic crisis and this investment will help the creative and cultural sector to rise to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.” 

Karen Blackett OBE, WPP UK Country Manager and GroupM UK CEO, said:

“Investment in the creative industries and its institutions is an investment in the UK’s future economy and our country’s recovery. At a time when society needs it most, the creative sector plays a crucial role in bringing our communities together, celebrating our diverse cultural heritage and providing fulfilling careers for people up and down the country.”

Jefferson Hack, CEO and Co-founder of Dazed Media, said:

“An inspired move from government to stop our cultural institutions from collapse and give our arts and cultural sector the necessary boost to not only survive but innovate through the pandemic. This will help lift all communities, economically and spiritually from the spectre of mass unemployment and closure of beloved venues towards hope for a brighter future for all.”

Kanya King CBE, Founder & CEO of MOBO, said:

"The creative industries is vital in playing a role in the nation’s economic, social and cultural recovery so the government’s support is very much needed.
I look forward to further details on how these funds will be allocated as it is imperative that they are used to also support and strengthen black and underrepresented businesses and institutions who massively contribute to the UK’s economy .
As a creative organisation we look forward to celebrating the return of live music and culture in further support of the rich pool of talent we have in our community."

Stephen Page, Chief Executive, Faber & Faber, said:

“Our arts and cultural sector is essential to our society and to our world-leading creative industries. This government support recognises this and is most welcome.”

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chairman of ITV, said:

“This is a very welcome first step in tackling the crisis arts and culture is facing. The blend of grants and loans will help many critical institutions keep going until they can open again. Then we’ll need to sort the long term.”

Zygi Kamasa, CEO of Lionsgate UK and Europe, said:

“This is excellent news and a much needed life-line for the Creative Industries as a whole. Both economically and culturally, the cinema sector is a vital part of the industry and this support is a much needed boost to independent cinemas. This should certainly enable many of them to invest in their sites, to follow the safety guidelines that are needed, and allow consumers to start enjoying the many new films that have been unable to release during this crisis."

Debbie Bestwick, Chief Executive of Team 17, said:

"This is indeed welcome news; we need to protect our galleries, museums, music venues and heritage sites for our future generations to help inspire, educate and create key jobs for our youngsters. It’s unthinkable to even consider the next generation growing up and not being able to experience the inspirational wonders of these cultural worlds. One of the hardest hit industries within Covid-19 pandemic and I hope these funds get to the most vulnerable as speedily as possible- they are suffering hard!
Regional and local theatres, music venues, heritage Institutions and museums are a huge part of regional life for those with limited financial resources who often cannot enjoy the delights of our world-class venues in London. This is a welcome move by Government to support our regions and protect our British culture."

Rick Haythornthwaite, Chair, Creative Industries Federation and Creative England, and Chairman, Mastercard, said: 

“Whatever one’s sector, network payments included, creativity has always been an essential ingredient of success and imaginative, creative talent the wellspring of our most successful products and services. And the existence of this extraordinary pool of  talent is no accident. Behind its development lies the UK arts and cultural sector, a deep hinterland of content, creative education, technology and inspiration that is suffering deeply at the hands of the pandemic. The government’s recognition of the crucial contribution that creativity and creative talent will make to restoring our nation’s economic prosperity and getting our towns and cities working again is extremely welcome.”


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