The Federation responds to the DCMS Committee’s Impact of COVID 19 on DCMS sectors report.

July 23, 2020

Responding to the DCMS Committee’s Impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors report, Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative Industries Federation, said:

“The DCMS Committee report today reinforces the evidence that the creative industries have been and will continue to be hit hard by the pandemic, and more so than other sectors.  

Although government support has been welcome, the report acknowledges that some has been partial - for example, the exclusion of many of the sector’s self-employed workers - not tailored to the sector, or has, sadly, arrived too late. The £1.57bn rescue package is welcome, but it is now vital that support reaches those who need it most, particularly those creative practitioners who will be unable to return to work until a much later date.

The creative industries account for a huge swathe of our economy and are a core feature of our national civic life. As the report recognises, the creative sector is integral to bringing together communities, to maintaining the nation’s mental health, to supporting digital access, to creating opportunities for people and places across the country, and to taking on major local and global challenges such as sustainability and climate change. 

As we look to regenerate and grow in a sustainable and inclusive way, government must take a long term approach in reviewing its policies and fiscal measures to ensure that they are fit for ‘future’ industries like ours. It must put creativity at the heart of our social and economic regeneration. Inclusion and diversity must not become a “nice to have” but must be central to the rebuilding of the sector.

We endorse many of the Committee’s recommendations, many of which chime with those of our members, published last week in our Plan to Reimagine. The overwhelming crux of this report is the need for long-term systemic change in how our creative industries are supported. We need this change and we need it to begin today.”

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