The Federation's New Innovation Spotlight Hub

January 22, 2021

We are pulling together an Innovation Spotlight Hub to fill with success stories of adaptation, resilience, innovation and experimentation across the sector, and we’d love to hear from you. It’s never been a more vital time to spotlight how dynamic and agile our sector is as we continue making the case for support from government.  

As you will see from our Spring Budget representation, we are calling on government to invest into a Culture Innovation Programme, which we envision to be an R&D fund to strengthen the sector’s resilience and tackle pertinent issues affecting the creative industries. Whether it be digital health passports for event ticketing, or digital distribution platforms revolutionising the live events sector, it’s clear that creative, innovative ideas are not the problem in our sector. What we need to make them into a reality is support and funding.  

This Innovation Spotlight Hub will give individuals and organisations in our sector the visibility and the connections which could influence your own business planning at this time. It will also provide a valuable bank of resource to dip into when making the case to government for further support for our sector.  

If you have a story of innovation that you’d like to share, please copy and paste the template below, fill it in, and email it back to  



Use this section to talk about the challenge that you faced as a business



Use this section to talk about how you ideated, resourced and monetised a new or a modified approach to this challenge. How did this new approach enable you to continue operating, to adapt or pivot your business model, or to experiment with a completely new art form or technology. 

If relevant, please place into the context of these key areas: sustainability, levelling up, diversity and inclusion, mental health, community/social cohesion, exports, international/soft power



Use this section to talk about what you would be able to achieve with more investment


Many are looking for learnings and insights to help support their own innovative endeavours. So we can encourage cross-industry connection and insight sharing, we’d love it if you could leave a contact here:

Name, Email, Job Title 


Please indicate that you are happy for us to share your content on our website and social channels as part of this Innovation Spotlight Hub (y/n)

Please attach any images or links to videos to the email - we want to make your innovations look as good as possible!



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