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November 19, 2020

You heard from Mark Nichols, IP Lawyer at leading media, technology and entertainment law firm Harbottle & Lewis, on Day Two of the Festival, alongside Imogen Heap, Maria Tanjala and Thomas Gorton. Our session delved into the mysterious world of memes, with creators and meme-makers discussing the form’s pros and cons, from a source of creativity and finance to their murkier uses and the way they obfuscate IP ownership. As well as discussing Blockchain and the launch of the Creative Passport initiative, musician Imogen Heap also had a wonderful anecdote about how the reuse, redistribution and memeification of one of her songs ultimately paid off (with a little help from pop megastar Jason Derulo).

We are pleased to remind Fed members that they have exclusive access to Harbottle & Lewis' guidance and support, tailored to their industry and individual circumstances. Harbottle & Lewis teamed up with the Creative Industries Federation to ensure people working in the creative industries can access high quality guidance and support on legal issues when they need it most during these difficult times.

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A free legal helpdesk is available to all members offering an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes with a Harbottle & Lewis lawyer, providing them with initial guidance and a steer on any legal concerns. 

Members are also able to access a series of written legal insight pieces on specialist areas including intellectual property rights, finance and funding schemes and employment law.


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