Improving the Deal Between Venues and Producers

October 17, 2018

From November 2018 to February 2019 UK Theatre and SOLT will hold a series of UK wide forums for venues, producers and touring companies, where everyone can get involved to devise a contemporary, consistent and clear way to make the most of what they have, build stronger relationships, and improve the long term health of the touring, producing and presenting model.  We will publish the report from these discussions at the Theatre and Touring Symposium 2019.

The forums will provide a space for venues and producers to understand each other’s operating context, to discuss wider issues effecting touring, and to consult on the contents of the new Producing, Presenting and Touring handbook.

The Producing,  Presenting and Touring handbook will help all parties use clear and consistent ways of working. It will also lead to a shared understanding of the operating context for venues, producers and touring companies.

The new handbook will be published in April.

Further discussions and actions concentrating on wider issues affecting the health of touring will be taken forward at the next Theatre and Touring Symposium in June 2019.

The contents of the DRAFT handbook will be published online ahead of the forums. It will include a mix of existing materials and some new content.

Forums will take place:

Anyone from the sector who may be interested will be welcome to take part in the forums.

Those who aren’t able to attend a forum will have the opportunity to share their views using an online survey.

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