Introducing D6: Culture in Transit - formerly ISIS Arts

July 18, 2018

Let us introduce you to D6: Culture in Transit, the new name and identity for ISIS Arts. From now you will start to see changes in the way we present ourselves.  

This story is simple – our old name had become the news, and it was time for a change. We suspect you are not surprised.
With our friends and colleagues, we have looked again at the journeys we take with artists and partners to produce our projects and programmes. We have considered local and international communities and the connections we make between them.  We have reaffirmed our belief in the value of the arts in creating fairer, informed and more generous societies.

We wanted a name that would be easy to remember and work across cultures. (It resonated with us that D6 is the gate at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam that brings you in and out of our region).

We have chosen D6 as a portal to the rest of the world, where cultures meet and exchange and where artists and ideas come together to reveal our complex, surprising and interconnecting lives.

We are now D6: Culture in Transit. We hope you like it.

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