Minimum Wage changes – get ready for April 1!

March 03, 2021

From April 1 2021 the UK minimum wage rates are changing. Our partners over at My HR Hub are helping to get you up to speed.

From Thursday April 1 2021 the new minimum wage rates for UK workers will be as follows:

•    National Living Wage: £8.91
•    21-22 Rate: £8.36
•    18-20 Rate: £6.56
•    Under 18: £4.62
•    Apprentice Rate: £4.30

Also, from April 1 2021 the age banding for the National Living Wage, which currently applies only to those aged 25 and over, will be lowered to include those aged 23 and 24. If you employ someone aged 23 or 24, you must begin paying them the £8.91 National Living Wage rate from April 1 2021.

These new wage rates were set by the government on the recommendation of the independent Low Pay Commission.

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