Our 2021/2022 Priorities:
A Plan to Reignite

February 12, 2021

It is no secret that the UK’s creative industries have been hit hard by the pandemic. After a year that has turned the world on its head, our sector is left contemplating what the future might hold; for our creative industries, for our country and for generations to come. 

But in times of adversity comes an opportunity to do things differently. This is why, in June 2020, we began convening hundreds of creative practitioners from across the UK to do what creators do best: imagine. The result was Creative Coalition: A Plan to Reimagine, our collective vision for a creative future. Since then, we have built on these conversations to establish the next steps needed to make these projections a reality; key areas for us all to prioritise, as we look to not only rebuild but harness the power of our sector to drive the UK forward, creatively and sustainably.  

The conversations have been vast and all-encompassing, from big questions around the role creativity can play in driving the UK’s future; reframing narratives, making happier, healthier communities and generating economic growth everywhere, to immediate problems that need urgent solutions. But what has become clear is that there are three key areas that need urgent focus: People, Place and Planet.  


We know that creativity holds the key to our future. We know that the great ideas that will drive the UK into tomorrow are nurtured in a creative ecosystem that we must not only look to rebuild, but grow sustainably, ensuring it’s truly accessible to everyone. But we also know that we can only do this together.  By working collectively across these areas, by spotlighting the brilliant creative programmes and campaigns that are already happening, and by working in partnership with one another to create new ones, we can do much more than reset our world, we can imagine and, crucially, create a much better one.

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Our 2021/2022 Priorities 


We believe in igniting every person’s creative potential. 

Everyone should have access to creativity, no matter who they are, where they come from or how much money they have. We know that talented, creative people are everywhere, but the opportunities they need to thrive are not.  

We will fight for: 

  • The next generation, ensuring creative education is accessible to everyone, at all levels and in all parts of the UK. 

  • Creative skills to be recognised as intrinsic to the workforce of the future. 

  • Creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to be supported and enabled to flourish. 

  • Diversity and inclusion to be placed at the heart of the creative ecosystem  



We believe creativity can regenerate villages, towns and cities, throughout the UK. 

We know that the creative industries have the power to drive us out of recession. More than that, they can revitalise our places, driving economic growth and unlocking innovation whilst bringing joy to communities everywhere.   

We will fight for: 

  • Greater support for local creative and cultural organisations, people and places. 

  • The power of local leadership to realise the creative potential of our communities, so that local creators are supported to innovate, pivot and grow, to take on social and economic challenges in their areas and beyond. 

  • Creative opportunities to be available everywhere, driving equality between all parts of the UK. 

  • Increased awareness of the value that culture and the creative industries bring to people and places across the breadth of the country.   



We believe creativity will design a greener future for everyone.  

We know the creative sector has the power to imagine a future that does not exist yet. Creativity can influence change, re-shaping our narrative to protect our planet.  

We will: 

  • Learn from one another, sharing insights and expertise to ensure our sector becomes a leading presence in sustainability.  

  • Work with partners to mobilise creativity as an agent for change on innovation and climate, using the voice and power of the sector as an advocate for promoting a greener society and economy.  

  • Provide a platform for thought leadership, inspiring collective action on sustainability and climate change. 

  • Call for greater access to innovation funding, incentives and support to enable creative people to drive a greener, more sustainable future for all of us. 

These priorities were shaped by conversations with thousands of creative practitioners across the UK. As we work together to implement them, we now need to join up even more, working collectively and in partnership with one another, across all parts of our sector, in all parts of the country, to create real long-lasting change. 


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