#OurWorldWithout Open Letter to the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

April 27, 2020

The Rt Hon Oliver Dowden CBE 
Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport                    
100 Parliament Street
London SW1 2BQ

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM Treasury 
1 Horse Guards Road

27th April, 2020


Dear Chancellor and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport,

We, the undersigned creative professionals and institutions, call on the government to protect the UK’s creative industries.

Our creative and cultural sector is in crisis. A Creative Industries Federation survey of 2,000 creative organisations and freelancers revealed that 1 in 7 creative organisations believe they can last only until the end of April on existing financial reserves. Only half think their reserves will last beyond June.

We cannot allow the UK to lose half of its creative businesses and become a cultural wasteland. The creative industries are one of the UK’s biggest success stories, previously growing at five times the rate of the wider economy. The creative sector will also be critical to driving the UK’s economic recovery - and transforming lives for the better - as we re-build. 

We must act, and act fast.  We call on the government to implement urgent funding for creative and cultural organisations impacted by the fall-out of Covid-19. 

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative Industries Federation and Creative England


On behalf of:

  1. Mal Abbas, Biome Collective

  2. Bibi Abdulkadir

  3. Mariana Abella

  4. Campbell Addy

  5. Shahid Ahmad

  6. Toki Allison, Film Audience Network Inclusive Cinema

  7. Marin Alsop, Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre, Principal Conductor of the Vienna Radio Symphony, Music Director of the Baltimore Symphony

  8. Jeanie Annan-Lewin

  9. Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive, Incorporated Society of Musicians

  10. Josh Appignanesi, Director 

  11. Paul Appleby, Director, Bristol Media 

  12. Helen Apse, Head of Culture and Wellbeing, Make It York

  13. Ami Aripin

  14. Thomas Armstrong, Demob Happy

  15. Arts Emergency

  16. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

  17. Gary Aspden

  18. Michael Attenborough CBE D Litt., Theatre Director

  19. Georgia Attlesey, Creative Producer

  20. AudioUK

  21. Holly Aylett, Director, UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity

  22. Benji B

  23. Riccardo Bacigalupo 

  24. Christopher Bailey, Clerk, York Guild of Media Arts

  25. Rosetta Bain

  26. Duncan Baird

  27. Maria Balshaw CBE, Director, Tate

  28. Alison Balsom MBE

  29. Matthew Banwell, Creative Director, Apt

  30. Felix Barrett, Artistic Director, Punchdrunk

  31. Luella Bartley

  32. Carol Bartram, The Crystal Hive

  33. Tracy Bass, Independent Producer 

  34. Alex Beard, Chief Executive, Royal Opera House

  35. Mark Beaumont, Chairman, North West Theatre Arts Company C.I.C.

  36. Mandy Berry, Chair, Miracle Theatre

  37. David Betteridge

  38. Sanjeev Bhaskar

  39. David Bickle, Partner, Hawkins\Brown Architects

  40. Katherine Bidwell, State of Play

  41. Professor Anna Birch FRSA

  42. Julian Bird, Chief Executive, UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre

  43. Tom Bird, Executive Director, York Theatre Royal

  44. Alan Bishop, Chair, The Place

  45. Dan Blackett (Landshapes)

  46. Helena Blakemore MA SFHEA, Senior Lecturer, BA Creative & Professional Writing, University of East London

  47. Iwona Blazwick OBE, Director, Whitechapel Gallery

  48. Claire Boissiere, Jumpship

  49. David Bomford, Former Director, J Paul Getty Museum

  50. Cathy Bolton, Co-Director, Manchester Literary Festival

  51. Michelle Bondesio, Communications Consultant and Business Mentor

  52. Grace Wales Bonner

  53. Rebecca Boulton, Prime Management

  54. BPI

  55. Steven Braines, CEO, The Weird & The Wonderful and He.She.They

  56. Fiona Brand

  57. Zowie Broach

  58. Simon Brookes, Associate Dean (Students), Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth

  59. Olivia Brooking (Cassyette)

  60. Barbara Brown, bodytao

  61. Sam Brown, Creative Director and Producer

  62. Lucy Brown, Founder, Women In Screen

  63. Caroline Bruce, Designer

  64. Simon Bryant 

  65. Andy Brydon, Curator / Director, Curated Place

  66. Liza Buddie, Artist Manager & MMF Board Member

  67. Amanda Budge

  68. Belinda Budge, Vice Chair, Creative Industries Federation and Creative England

  69. Moira Buffini, Dramatist, Director and Actor

  70. Baroness Deborah Bull, Vice President & Vice-Principal (London), Senior Advisory Fellow for Culture, King’s College London

  71. Sean Bullick, Managing Director, Make It York

  72. Paul Burger, Soho Artists

  73. Claire Burman

  74. Kate Burnett, Theatre Designer, Educator and Curator

  75. Clemency Burton-Hill, Presenter, BBC Radio 3

  76. Mellie Buse, Adastra Development Ltd

  77. Dean Byfield

  78. Nicky Callow, Independent Record Co 

  79. Simon Callow

  80. Emma Cameron, Independent Producer

  81. Angela Campbell

  82. Jude Campbell

  83. Sindy Campbell, Head, Film Birmingham

  84. JC Candanedo, Photographer

  85. Sir Nigel Carrington, Vice Chancellor, UAL

  86. Frank Carter, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

  87. Hilary S Carty, Executive Director, Clore Leadership

  88. Charlie Casely-Hayford

  89. Lucy Catherine, Writer for television, film and radio.

  90. Nick Cave

  91. Carl Cavers, Sumo Digital

  92. Jane Cecchi 

  93. Simon Chambers, Director, Storm Model Management

  94. Claire Chapeyrou-Clair, Integrated Project Director at The Communications Store

  95. Andrew Chowns, CEO, Directors UK

  96. James Clayton

  97. Marley Clifton

  98. Nadia Cohen

  99. Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, Music Managers Forum

  100. Neil Constable, CEO, Shakespeare's Globe

  101. Anna Cook, Director, White Rabbit Marketing

  102. Tracy Cooper, Chief Executive, Arts Depot

  103. Simon Costin, Artist & Director of the Museum of Witchcraft & The Museum of British Folklore 

  104. Natasha Cowan, Executive Fashion Coordinator to Suzy Menkes, Editor, Vogue International

  105. Tamara Craig, Art Collector 

  106. Creative & Cultural Skills

  107. Gary Crosby OBE, Co-Founder, Tomorrow's Warriors

  108. Kim Crowther

  109. Paul Cullen, Paul Cullen Partnerships Limited

  110. Jamie Cullum

  111. Culture Counts

  112. Andy Cunning, Chief Creative Officer, JPIMedia Ltd

  113. Sinéad Cusack, Actress

  114. DACS

  115. Sophie Dahl

  116. Marcus Davey CBE, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, The Roundhouse Trust

  117. Christa Davis, Independent Fashion Designer 

  118. Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive Officer, Design Business Association

  119. Lucy Day FRSA, Founder Director and Curator, A Womans' Place Project

  120. Matthieu De Braconier, Independent Film Producer 

  121. Marcia Deakin, NextGen Skills Academy

  122. Sara Dee

  123. Jeremy Deller

  124. Sarah Derbyshire MBE, Chief Executive, Orchestras Live

  125. Estelle Dévé, Director, Estelle Deve Studio Ltd

  126. Isobel Dixon, President, Association of Authors’ Agents

  127. Philip Dobree, Founder/CEO Jellyfish Pictures

  128. Iain Dodgeon, OKRE

  129. Isabelle Doran, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, BAPLA

  130. Nick Dunmur

  131. Kirsten Dunne, Senior Manager, Cultural Infrastructure and Public Realm, Mayor of London

  132. Matthew Dunster, Director

  133. Baxter Dury

  134. David Edgar, Playwright

  135. Chris Edwards, Chair, REACH (York Cultural Education Partnership)

  136. Tom Eggeling

  137. Sally Elhosaini, Screenwriter / Director

  138. Mark Elliot

  139. Leanne Elliott Young, Founder CEO, CommuneEAST

  140. Lena Emery

  141. Phoebe English

  142. Kristina Erdely, Producer

  143. Antonio Eugenio, Fashion Photographer

  144. Kate Fahy

  145. Paloma Faith

  146. Bridget Farrands, Director, FGC

  147. Featured Artists Coalition

  148. Jules Fennell

  149. Claire Fennelow, Executive Director, EVCOM

  150. Heather Fenoughty

  151. Di Ferrier

  152. Conor Ferris, Narrative Management

  153. Dilara Findikoglu

  154. Janet Fischgrund

  155. Guy Fixsen

  156. Tim Flach, President, Association of Photographers Ltd

  157. Marc Fleetham, Director of Business Development & Knowledge Exchange, York St John University

  158. Anne Fontenoy, Fine Artist and Dress Designer

  159. Harriet Forde, President, British Institute of Interior Design 

  160. Joe Frankland, CEO, PRS Foundation

  161. Martin Franks, Adastra Development Ltd

  162. Simon Frederick 

  163. Jemma Freeman (Landshapes)

  164. Steve Freeman, Executive Director, Royal Exchange Theatre

  165. Bella Freud

  166. Stephen Fry

  167. Julia Fryer

  168. Aleksandra Funmusik

  169. Preena Gadher, Managing Director, Riot Communications

  170. Ione Gamble

  171. Edward Gardner, Principal Conductor Designate, London Philharmonic and Chief Conductor of the Bergen Philharmonic

  172. Paul Gardner, Wiggin LLP

  173. Dr Natalie Garrett Brown, Head of Music, Writing & Performance, University of East London

  174. Moffy Gathorne-Hardy

  175. Ruth Gawthorpe, CEO, Smart Working Revolution

  176. Lilli Geissendorfer, Director, Jerwood Arts

  177. Jonny Geller, CEO of Original Talent and Chairman, Curtis Brown

  178. Inês Geraldes Cardoso

  179. Luisa Gerstein (Landshapes)

  180. Tina Gharavi, Screenwriter & Director

  181. Rick Gibson and Iain Simons, BGI

  182. Dan Glendining, Musician & Film Composer 

  183. Daniel Godard, Film Editor & Musician 

  184. Molly Goddard

  185. Adam Godfrey, Demob Happy

  186. Fiona Goh, Director, British Arts Festival Association

  187. Sarah Golding

  188. Katie Goode, Triangular Pixels

  189. Daniel Gorman, Director, English PEN

  190. Dr Ceri Gorton, Director, Bird & Gorton

  191. Emily Gottlieb, Chief Executive, National Opera Studio

  192. Anton Gottlob

  193. Becca Graham, Partner, Margaret_

  194. Finian Greenall (Fink)

  195. Rosy Greenlees OBE, Executive Director, Crafts Council

  196. Neil Griffiths, Chief Executive, Arts Emergency

  197. Marc J Grundy, Director

  198. Annabel Grundy, Film Hub Midlands

  199. Nigel Guérin-Garnett

  200. Fanny Guesdon, Brunswick Arts

  201. Jack Guinness

  202. Louisa Guinness

  203. Claire Gulliver, Arts Consultant

  204. Krista Gurcka

  205. Amy Gustin, Director, British Independent Film Awards

  206. Jefferson Hack 

  207. Terry Hall, Singer, The Specials

  208. Laura Halliday, Account Director, The Communications Store

  209. Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director and CEO, Scottish Ballet

  210. Lucas Harding

  211. David Hare, Playwright

  212. Liz Harkman, Executive Director, Bristol Festivals

  213. Jane Harris [PhD] FRSA, Director of Research & Innovation (Stratford), Professor of Digital Design & Innovation, London College of Fashion

  214. Hannah Harris, CEO, Plymouth Culture

  215. Joanne Harris, Chair, Society of Authors

  216. Adam Harrison, The Boxer Rebellion

  217. Jodie Harsh 

  218. Ben Hartman, Chief Client Officer, International, Octagon

  219. PJ Harvey

  220. Natalie Haslam

  221. Craig Hassall, CEO, The Royal Albert Hall

  222. Riette Hayes-Davies

  223. Kerrie Hayes, Actor

  224. Rick Haythornthwaite, Chair, Creative Industries Federation and Creative England

  225. Lara Hayward, Lead for Arts, Heritage & Creative Industries, Oxford University Careers Service

  226. Imogen Heap, Recording Artist, Composer, Founder Mycelia for Music and MI.MU

  227. Karen Hedger, AIM

  228. Jude Henderson, Director, Federation of Scottish Theatre

  229. Ian Hetherington

  230. Piers Hewitt, The Boxer Rebellion

  231. Siobhan Hewlett, Director, Oyster Films

  232. Bernard Heymann 

  233. Anne Heymann, Artist 

  234. Lindy Heymann, Film & TV Director 

  235. Caz Hildebrand

  236. Katie Hillier

  237. Sam Hope, Wolverhampton Cultural Compact Champion

  238. Stephen Hough, Pianist, Composer, Writer

  239. Kenya Hunt

  240. Andrew Hurst, Chief Executive, One Dance UK

  241. Nadine Ijewere, Photographer

  242. Irene Ilias

  243. Georgia Illingworth

  244. Janine Irons MBE, Co-Founder, Tomorrow's Warriors

  245. Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO, Women in Games

  246. Stephen Israel, Joint Artistic Director, The Company

  247. Gabriel Isserlis, CEO, Tutti

  248. Gina Jackson

  249. Farrah Jaufuraully, Producer and Director

  250. Charles Jeffrey, Fashion Designer

  251. Paul Jenkins, Founder & Creative Director, Triple Double Studio

  252. Natalie Jerome

  253. Caroline Jeyaratnam-Joyner, Theatre Arts Consultant

  254. Tim Joss, Chief Executive and Founder, Aesop

  255. Sir John Sorrell CBE, Founder, Creative Industries Federation

  256. Adrian Joffe

  257. Liz Johnson

  258. Rachel Johnson, Film & TV Director 

  259. Charlotte Jones

  260. Neil Jones

  261. Ben Jones 

  262. Benjamin Jonsson

  263. Sonali Joshi, Founder & Director, Day for Night Film & Visual Arts Ltd

  264. Brian Joyce

  265. Councillor Judith Blake CBE, Leader, Leeds City Council

  266. Chris Jupe, Filmmaker

  267. Zygi Kamasa, CEO, Lionsgate UK and Europe

  268. Roxani Kamperou

  269. Anish Kapoor

  270. Lotte Karlsen

  271. Michael Keillor, Director 

  272. Oliver Kember

  273. Jemma Kennedy, Screenwriter

  274. Helen Kennedy, University of Nottingham

  275. Rose Kent, Creative Director, Accessible Arts and Media

  276. Nicholas Kent, Director

  277. Justine Kenyon, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator, Network

  278. Tom Kiehl, Acting CEO, UK Music

  279. Paul Kilduff-Taylor, Mode 7 Games

  280. Reyahn King, Chief Executive, York Museums Trust

  281. Teresa Kirby, Partnership Manager, North East Culture Partnership

  282. Henry Kitcher

  283. William Knight, Director, Renew

  284. David Knight, Writer, Journalist & Editor Of Promo News 

  285. Melissa Jo Knox, Rare

  286. Catherine Kodicek, Costume Designer and Supervisor

  287. Jess Kohl 

  288. Hanna Kopp-Young

  289. Lune Kuipers

  290. Olya Kuryshchuk

  291. Tanya Laird

  292. Matt Lambert

  293. David Lan

  294. Valerie Langfield

  295. Juliette Larthe

  296. Professor John Last OBE, Chair, ukadia and Vice-Chancellor, Norwich University of the Arts

  297. Susie Lau

  298. Josephine Pearl Lee

  299. Kelly Lee Owens

  300. Andy Lenthall, General Manager, Production Services Association

  301. Christian Lewis

  302. Romaine Lillie

  303. Gabrielle Lindemann, Kent Film Office

  304. Ian Livingstone CBE, Co-founder, Games Workshop & Chair, Sumo Group

  305. Katy Louis FRSA, Managing Director and Co-founder, Margaret_

  306. Jordan Louis Day-Williams

  307. Emma Love, Producer

  308. Dick Lunn

  309. Susan Lynch, Actor

  310. Christabel MacGreevy

  311. Arthur Maclean, Unit 2 Games

  312. Joelle Mae David, CEO, Bluebird Pictures

  313. Dr Lesley Main, Head of Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, Middlesex University

  314. Richard Malone

  315. Anne Mannion. AOP Chair & Senior Associate , Swan Turton LLP

  316. Matthew Marcantonio, Demob Happy

  317. Tim Marlow, Director, Design Museum

  318. Janine Marmot

  319. Johnny Marr

  320. Billie Marten

  321. Inès Marzat

  322. Kate Mason, Director, The Big Draw

  323. Katie May Boyd

  324. Gareth McConnell

  325. Patrick McCrae, Co-Founder and CEO, ARTIQ

  326. Kathryn McDowell, Managing Director, London Symphony Orchestra

  327. John McGrath, Artistic Director and CEO, MIF

  328. Seamus McGibbon, Executive Director, The Association of Photographers Ltd.

  329. Paul Mckee

  330. Gordon McKenzie, CEO, GuildHE

  331. Lisa McMullin

  332. Martha McNaughton, Brand & Communications Consultant

  333. Tracey Mee

  334. Boris Meister

  335. Katie Melua

  336. Linda Merrick, Principal, Royal Northern College of Music

  337. Ella Mesma

  338. David Micklem, Writer, Producer and Arts Consultant

  339. Adam Milford, Director, Theatre Workout Ltd

  340. China Moo Young

  341. Gillian Moore CBE, Director of Music, Southbank Centre

  342. Darren Moore, General Manager, York Barbican

  343. Malcolm Moore, Producer, Planispheres

  344. Lucy Kumara Moore 

  345. Liz Moran, Director of Arts and Culture, University of Kent

  346. Simon Bøcker Mørch

  347. Victoria Morris, Directors UK

  348. Andrew Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, York Civic Trust

  349. Emily Morus-Jones, Puppeteer and Puppet Maker

  350. Kate Moss

  351. Rachel Moss, Consultant for Arts Education 

  352. Chloe Moss, TV & Theatre Writer 

  353. Dave Moutrey, CEO, Home & Director of Culture for MCC

  354. Jane Muirhead, Managing Director, Raise the Roof Productions 

  355. Alex Mullins

  356. Martina Murphy, Director

  357. Stuart Murphy, Chief Executive, English National Opera

  358. Una Murphy, Co-founder, VIEWdigital

  359. Dominic Myatt

  360. Pam Myers, Voice Casting & Audio Production, Rorschach

  361. Miriam Nabarro, Artist & Set Designer 

  362. Sue Needleman, Casting Director 

  363. Ian Neil 

  364. Shelly Nel

  365. Karoline Newman, director, The Lettering Arts Trust

  366. Philippine Nguyen, Co-Founder and Director, Art Night

  367. Nathan Nicholson

  368. Samuel Nixon

  369. Gabi Norland, Cinematographer

  370. Jessica Norman

  371. Mischa Notcutt

  372. Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE

  373. Emmanuel T W O’Brien

  374. Charlotte O’Connor (Charlotte OC) 

  375. Kirsty Ogg, Director, New Contemporaries

  376. Sharna Osbourne

  377. John O’Shea, Independent Artist and Associate Director (Creative), Science Gallery London, King’s College London

  378. Anna Olejnicki, Artistic Director, Hype Dance Company Ltd

  379. Philip Oliver

  380. Andrew Oliver

  381. Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp CBE, Director, The Africa Centre

  382. Mariem Omari, Artistic Director, Bijli Productions

  383. Paula Orrell, Curator and Consultant

  384. Daniele Owen (Liza Owen)

  385. Stephen Page, Chief Executive, Faber and Faber Ltd

  386. Sol Papadopoulos, Hurricane Films

  387. Craig Parkinson, Actor

  388. Adah Parris, Futurist and Storyteller, The House of Griots

  389. Art Partner

  390. Shreepali Patel, Artist

  391. Dr Alexis Paterson, Chair, British Arts Festivals Association & CEO, Three Choirs Festival Association (CEO)

  392. Sarah Patterson, Actor 

  393. Andy Payne OBE, Founder, AppyNation

  394. Julia Payne, Director, the hub

  395. Ben Pearce, Paintings in Hospitals

  396. Nicholas Pearson, Publishing Director, 4th Estate

  397. Olga Pedan

  398. Mark Pemberton, Director, Association of British Orchestras

  399. Eleanor Pender

  400. Jon Peppiatt, Chairman, BBH Advertising

  401. Ben Perdue

  402. Danny Perkins, Founder, Elysian Film Group

  403. Grayson Perry

  404. Phoenix Perry, Code Liberation

  405. Emma Pettit, Co-founder and Director, Margaret_

  406. Aaron Phelan, Photographer & Digital Designer

  407. Amanda Pinkerton

  408. Simon Platz, MD, Bucks Music Group Ltd.

  409. Emma Powell, Actors Management Company

  410. Martin Prendergast, Director of Development and Public Affairs, RADA

  411. James Priestley, Secretsundaze

  412. The Professional Publishers Association

  413. Jonathan Pryce

  414. Simran Randhawa

  415. Bryan Raven, Managing Director, White Light Ltd

  416. Jane Rayner, Independent Cinema Office Film Hub South East

  417. Robert Read, Managing Director, Kings Place

  418. Richard Redman

  419. Jonathan Reekie CBE, Director, Somerset House Trust

  420. JC Reid, Co-founder, Skint Records

  421. Dean Richardson, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

  422. Esther Richardson, Joint CEO and Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre

  423. Rachel Richardson-Jones, Producer / Festival Director

  424. Ian Rickson

  425. Bob Riley​, Chief Executive, Manchester Camerata

  426. James Roberts

  427. Louise Annabel Robertson

  428. Simone Rocha

  429. Steven Roth, Executive Director, Scottish Ballet

  430. Tim Royle 

  431. Marco Santucci, Agent/Director, Industry Art

  432. Andrew Savill, Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

  433. Nitin Sawhney, Chair, PRS Foundation

  434. Kate Saxon, TV & Theatre Director 

  435. Sandra Schembri, CEO, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity

  436. Jeanie Scott, Director, Culture Radar

  437. Kwesi Sey (Kwes)

  438. Dawn Shadforth

  439. Bryony Shanahan, Joint Artistic Director, Royal Exchange Theatre

  440. Amanda Sharp

  441. Sandie Shaw MBE

  442. Nicky Shaw, Freelance International Set & Costume Designer

  443. Meriel Sheibani-Clare, Writer and Script Editor

  444. Bijan Sheibani, Writer and Director

  445. Francesca Sheldon

  446. David Shelley, CEO, Hachette UK

  447. Jeremy Shine, Artistic Director, Manchester International Arts/Streets Ahead

  448. Cllr Darryl Smalley, Executive Member for Culture, Leisure & Communities, City of York Council

  449. Dr Nikesh Shukla D. Litt, FRSL

  450. Tom Shutes, Co-Director, Museum Of Everything 

  451. Senta Simond

  452. Justine Simons OBE, Deputy Mayor of London for Culture and the Creative Industries

  453. Dan Simpson, Director 

  454. Marion Sinclair, Chief Executive, Publishing Scotland

  455. Saskia Sichermann

  456. Bob and Roberta Smith, Artist

  457. Andrew Smith, The Boxer Rebellion

  458. Steve Smith, TV Director and Chair, Directors UK

  459. Richard Smithies, Unit 2 Games

  460. Jess Smyth, Biig Piig

  461. Nicola Solomon, Chief Executive, Society of Authors

  462. Linda Sou

  463. Alistair Spalding, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Sadler’s Wells

  464. David Speed, Creative Rebels

  465. Maria Stoica, Policy Researcher, Fashion Roundtable FRSA

  466. Suspension Theatre CIC

  467. Meera Syal CBE

  468. A Sai Ta

  469. Delyth Thomas

  470. Dr Paul Thompson, Vice-Chancellor, Royal College of Art

  471. Sydney Thornbury, CEO/Artistic Director, The Art House

  472. Matthew Thornhill, Managing Director, Young Turks Management Ltd.

  473. Phil Tidy

  474. Carolyn Timson

  475. Dr Delma Tomlin MBE, Director, National Centre for Early Music

  476. Carole Tongue, Chair, UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity

  477. Anne Torreggiani, Chief Executive, The Audience Agency 

  478. Maria Torres

  479. Robin Townley, CEO, Association of British Theatre Technicians

  480. Jo Townshend, Principal Partnerships Manager (Creative Sectors), UCL Innovation and Enterprise

  481. David Toynbee, UAL

  482. Jo Tracy

  483. Laurie Trueman, Founder, Denude Magazine

  484. Andrew Tunney

  485. Heloise Tunstall-Brehrens (Landshapes)

  486. Brett Turnbull

  487. Owen Turner, Managing Director, United by Design

  488. Rachael Turner, CEO, MadLab

  489. United Agents

  490. University of the Arts London

  491. Elinor Unwin, Cultural Consultant, New Understandings

  492. Professor Carole-Anne Upton, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Middlesex University

  493. Anna Valentine, Executive Publisher of Orion

  494. Alan Vallance, CEO, RIBA

  495. Teun van Rooij, Manchester City Council

  496. Simon Vincenzi, Performance Artist

  497. Harriet Vine MBE, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Tatty Devine

  498. Hardish Virk

  499. Camile Vivier

  500. Rankin Waddell

  501. Ivan Wadeson, Manchester UNESCO City Of Literature

  502. Rufus Wainwright

  503. Nicola Walker

  504. Professor Allan Walker, Dean, School of Arts Media and Creative Technology, University of Salford

  505. Timothy Walker CBE AM, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, London Philharmonic Orchestra

  506. Che Walker, Actor & Theatre Director 

  507. Deena Wallace, Director, British Independent Film Awards

  508. Antony Waller, Freelance Fashion Producer & Special Projects PR

  509. Jonathan Walsh, Co-Founder, Kambe Events

  510. Annie Warburton, CEO, Cockpit Arts

  511. Rich Warren, Director, Encounters Film Festival

  512. Ann Watson-Thomas, Books and Games

  513. Graham Watson-Thomas, Books and Games

  514. Fiona Watt, Honorary Secretary, The Society of British Theatre Designers

  515. Elizabeth Watts, Soprano

  516. Judith Weir CBE, Composer

  517. Sarah Weir OBE, CEO, Design Council

  518. Laura Weir, Editor in Chief, ES Magazine and The Evening Standard

  519. Roy Alexander Weise, Joint Artistic Director, Royal Exchange Theatre

  520. Tom Weldon, CEO, Penguin Random House UK

  521. Samuel West, Chair, National Campaign for the Arts

  522. Helen Wewiora, Director, Castlefield Gallery 

  523. John Whalley, Strategic Director, Use.Space and Head of Branding, Seventy7

  524. Luned Whelan, Executive Director, TAC

  525. William Whelton, Executive Director, Hope Mill Theatre

  526. Jasmine Whitbread, Chief Executive, London First

  527. Kate White, CEO, National Centre for Circus Arts

  528. Adam Whiteley

  529. Dr. Jane Wildgoose

  530. Quin Williams, Editor & Owner Of Ten Three, Independent Editing Facility

  531. Jael Williams, Arts and Heritage Consultant

  532. Richard Williams, CEO, Northern Ireland Screen

  533. Ross Williams, Chief Executive, Creative Kernow

  534. Sadie Williams

  535. Fiona Williams, Chief Executive, Explore York Libraries and Archives Mutual Limited

  536. Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods

  537. Brett Wilson

  538. Catriona Wilson, The Petrie Museum

  539. Dame Penelope Wilton

  540. Elizabeth Woods

  541. Jo Wright, Arts, Music, Creative & Digital Economy Consultant

  542. Nick Wright, Editor

  543. Anya Yiapanis

  544. Hazel York , Head of Civic, Community and Culture Sector, Hawkins\Brown Architects

  545. Leanne Elliott Young

  546. Dan Zeff, TV and Film Writer & Director


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