April 26, 2019

Oxford University began a strand of work in August 2018 investigating how researchers in their Humanities department and beyond can engage more strategically in collaborative partnerships with the creative sector.

Building on a strong record in heritage collaborations, including the University’s flagship partnership with the National Trust and recent launch of the Oxford University Heritage Network, we initially partnered with The Heritage Alliance and Heritage Consultant, Hannah Shimko, to develop a pattern of thinking that considers a three-point relationship involving academic institution, creative organisation and heritage site.

The university had an initial exploratory workshop earlier this year, and three overarching priority themes emerged, including the uses of immersive practices, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to enhance experience of place.

Their next two workshops, scheduled for May and June, will aim to further develop potential collaborations between Oxford University researchers, creative and heritage organisations, with the opportunity for successful partnerships to apply for seed funding. Oxford University are continuing to work with The Heritage Alliance on their development of an advocacy report that details the ways in which the creative, heritage and higher education sectors support one another.

If you’d like to hear about more this work, please email Imelda Dooley Hunter, Creative Industries and Heritage Support Officer: imelda.dooleyhunter@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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