The Creative Industries Federation are excited to announce their partnership with Placer, a social enterprise created to tackle the issues of graduate unemployment and underemployment. Read on to find out why it's so important to offer work experience and entry-level roles...

April 18, 2019

The value of offering work experience and entry-level roles

We hear from industry members of their challenges to recruit graduates, and from students who are keen to gain experience but need that first opportunity to get their foot in the door. So bringing the two together, we have teamed up with Placer to help make recruiting students and graduates for placements and job opportunities easier and more cost-effective for the creative industries.

Offering work experience and graduate opportunities bring a host of benefits to your organisation:

  • Nurture your talent pipeline - by taking on early career professionals you have the opportunity to develop the future of your organisation.

  • Renewed energy - students and graduates are keen to learn and develop their skills, bringing valuable enthusiasm to the workplace.

  • Help young people make informed decisions about their future career.

  • Learn from the next generation - bringing rapid assimilation of information, a natural flair for understanding new technology and fresh ideas to the table.  

  • Diversity in the workplace - having a diverse workforce boosts productivity

  • Insight to youth mindset - in order to understand the next generation, bring them into your workplace to understand their motivations, challenges and valuable skills.

  • Everyone starts from somewhere - do you remember who gave you your first opportunity in the sector?

Placer are a social enterprise created to tackle the issues of graduate unemployment and underemployment. Their app creates more opportunities for students and graduates whilst saving employers time and expense on recruitment.

The app was developed with students and graduates meaning opportunities reach students in a format that has been designed with and for them.

Placer reaches students from across more than 65 universities, broadening employers’ recruitment reach. Employers can publish unlimited opportunities to all registered students and universities through an easy to use employer dashboard meaning there are no extra fees if you have more opportunities you need to recruit for.  

We’ve worked with Placer so that Creative Industries Federation members can promote opportunities via the platform at a reduced rate.

  • Non-charity members - 20% discount to post job opportunities.

  • Charity members - 40% discount to post job opportunities.

To read more about Placer’s competitive and cost-effective pricing scheme please check out the employer section of their website.

Register at and mention the ‘Creative Industries Federation’ in the ‘How heard’ box on the Placer registration web form. Or to find out more please email

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