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September 02, 2021

The success of our creative industries, and the inclusive growth it generates across the UK, is fuelled by a sector that is predominantly made up of microbusinesses and freelancers. Creative freelancers are vital drivers of the creative industries’ economic, social and civic contributions – either working independently or forming important parts of local supply chains.  

Although the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has put this ecology at risk, we believe it’s possible to harness this moment as an opportunity to drive change. By mobilising the creative community now, we will make good use of existing commitments and pledges from those who want to make an impact. Strategic, joined-up interventions will enable us to convene the entire ecosystem and co-ordinate a UK-wide, sector-wide vision for fair employment and working practices for freelancers.   

Following a consultation with one hundred key stakeholders, and dedicated project development with our network of Champions and partners, this year Creative UK Group aims to create a framework that tackles the systemic inequalities that put our freelance ecology at risk.

Our vision is to support our ecosystem to operate with long-term sustainability, by providing a framework to drive best practice on employment and working practices, aimed at both organisations and freelancers. The framework will act as a call for action, drawing on our role within the creative industries as an influencer and leader for change. It will also provide signatories with a roadmap of free resources, guides and workshops. With the support of high-profile partners and endorsers, we aim to generate 5,000 sign-ups on the high-profile digital platform in the first year.

With financial support from partners, we will be able to maximise our reach into grassroots networks and crucially reimburse freelancers for their engagement in advocacy. By widening the gates for participation in our consultation, our framework will reflect our diverse ecology across the UK and champion inclusive change.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or are able to offer financial support please contact our Development & Partnerships Manager, Evy Cauldwell French

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