The value of creative education - we need your input

July 07, 2019

Creative education is too important to be misunderstood or underestimated. In order to advocate for the value of creative education as effectively as possible, we want to bring a wide range of evidence into one place. There are so many examples of fantastic organisations and individuals generating important research demonstrating the value of creative education, and this evidence will make the case more impactfully together than alone.

This resource will live on our website and aid our conversations with government and other influencers. In order to compile this, we need your help.

Please send examples of research and evidence around the value of creative education to by Friday 12 July. We are looking particularly for research that has taken place within the last three years.

We will pull together a broad range of evidence to support the value of creative education at all levels, as well as the breadth of value creative education adds. These may include the following examples, but should not be restricted to these:

· Research demonstrating the economic value of creative education

· Evidence of social impacts of creative education for the individual and wider society

· Evidence of the reasons students pursue creative education and / or creative careers

· Research demonstrating alternative measures of graduate success 

· Case studies of successful alumni of creative courses

· Evidence of how creative education nurtures the talent pipeline for the creative industries

· Transferable skills developed through creative education contributing to the wider economy

If you have any questions, please email Lydia, our Deputy Head of Education and Skills -

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