#wearecreative: Write to your MP

July 21, 2021

Following the publication of our report The UK Creative Industriesand in the run-up to the Spending Review, it is enormously important that Members of Parliament in all parts of the UK know just how important their local creative and cultural industries really are, and the enormous value that can be unlocked with investment.

We’ve compiled a draft email for you to send to your local MP, which includes new data around how integral creative industries are to each of the UK’s regions and nations, and asks them to sign up to our pledge to support the Creative Industries

You can find your newly elected MP and their contact details by typing in your postcode into Parliament’s website.

The key is to make it personal and tangible - include a bit about your organisation, business, or freelance work, and add any particular concerns that are unique to you.

Don’t forget to include your postcode! It’s parliamentary protocol that MPs respond to constituents only. It might take a short while for your MP to respond, but they should do so in time. Be persistent, and follow up with them if you don’t think their response is satisfactory.

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