What you need to know about British IP Day

June 19, 2019

Next Wednesday marks the fourth annual British IP Day run by the Alliance for Intellectual Property, which focuses on the power of creativity and innovation that drives the amazing products, brands, services and content we all enjoy and consume daily.

British IP Day is a celebration of the huge contribution that intellectual property makes to the UK, culturally and economically, and spread the message that IP is not just fundamental to the success of creative businesses but also to the wider economy, including the retail and supply chain.

The Alliance is hosting a series of events on the day, bringing creators and businesses to Parliament and looking to ensure that the future trade deals maintain the UK’s position as a leading light in IP creation.

It's a pivotal time for the future of IP in the UK, with trade, Brexit and the future of the internet all at the top of the political agenda, so it is vital that we continue to raise the need for IP protection cross all key policy areas.

The Alliance will be active on social media promoting the day and the vast contribution that IP intensive industries make to the British economy. Please do get involved by spreading the word and publicising what strong IP protections mean for you, using the hashtag #BritishIPDay.

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