October 19, 2019

With today's vote on Boris Johnson's new deal happening in a few hours (Saturday 19 October, 2019), here's a recap of what the new Brexit deal entails.

  • The UK government has agreed a new deal with the EU involving Northern Ireland continuing to follow EU regulations on goods and customs arrangements while the rest of the UK would be free to diverge.

  • This change means that there would be checks between goods entering NI from the rest of the UK if it is thought likely that these goods will end up in the Republic.

  • The new deal also includes changes to proposed future trade policy. The new proposal now calls for an ‘ambitious trading relationship on goods’ within a free trade agreement rather than one that is ‘as close as possible’.

  • There have been no changes to Theresa May’s deal’s call for ‘ambitious, comprehensive and balanced’ agreements on services and investment or for co-operation on mobility and the temporary movement of goods. 

  • There will still be a transition period in the deal where nothing will change until the end of 2020 with the options for it to be extended for up to one or two years if both the UK and EU want this. 

  • The revised deal will still need to be approved by the UK and EU member state Parliaments with the UK Parliament looking at the deal on Saturday. If they reject it, then the government will have to ask for an extension for further negotiations with the likelihood of a general election or second referendum. 

  • If the deal is not passed, we will continue to call for a second referendum to take place to avoid crashing out of the EU without a deal. If the deal is passed then we will work with government to advocate for as close as possible a future relationship with the EU that protects the mobility, trade and funding arrangements that are vital for the success of the creative industries.


Click here for our easy-to-use post-Brexit outcomes chart which details the timeline of events in both a deal or no-deal scenario. 

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