April 26, 2019

If you’d like a quick recap, here’s a short film explaining what is the European Parliament.

The European Parliament elections will be taking place on 23 May and we urge all of our members to turn out and vote. Historically, EU elections have had very low voter turnouts, with the 2014 elections seeing a 35.6% turnout. This resulted in a historic high number of seats for pro-Brexit parties.

Given the current climate, it is likely that these elections may also be seen as an unofficial referendum on Brexit. This means that it is in the interest of those who do not support a no-deal Brexit to maximise the vote for parties that have explicitly ruled out a no-deal.

Given the lack of clarity in parties’ manifestos, we would encourage you to vote for the party you feel has most represented you during Brexit discussions. These elections are an opportunity for members of the British public to ensure that, in an election which is likely to be interpreted by many as representative of the people's views on Brexit, their voices are heard.

As Timothy Garton Ash stated in the Guardian, “At the end of the day, what will matter more than the precise allocation of seats is that we can say: “X million people voted for pro-European, pro-referendum parties, while only Y million voted for unambiguously pro-Brexit parties such as Ukip, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party and the Conservatives.” It is essential that as many people as possible vote and make their views on this vital issue heard.

96% of the sector intended to vote to remain ahead of the referendum, and we have repeatedly stressed the catastrophic impact that a no-deal Brexit would have on our world-leading creative industries. You can read our red lines on Brexit here.

Key information

- You need to register by 7 May.

-- Worryingly, one out of every three 18-34 year olds are still not registered to vote.

- If you are from another EU country but want to vote in the elections, you will need to register and also complete a voter registration form. See here for more information.

- The UK vote for the EU parliament elections is 23 May   

- 73 MEPs are elected in the UK

Find your MEPs here

- There are 12 electoral regions in the UK: 

-- Eastern

-- East Midlands

-- London

-- Northern Ireland

-- North East

-- North West

-- Scotland

-- South East

-- South West

-- Wales

-- West Midlands

-- Yorkshire and Humber

- The voting system for the European elections is by proportional representation using a closed list: voting for a party or an independent candidate.

- There are three ways of voting:

-- In person

-- By post

-- By proxy

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