Winning the Gold at the Design Week Awards: 

Tom Sharp, Creative Director of The Poetry Of It All,  won Gold in the Design Week Awards in Writing for Design for his piece for the British Library. Here's how Tom came up with the award-winning idea.

July 17, 2019

I was commissioned to make something to mark the British Library being in their St Pancras building for 20 years. I knew that big, broad cultural-corporate messages weren’t right. I spent time hanging around the place and got a little obsessed with the fact that every visitor to the Library has a unique, niche reason for being there. My idea was to make the weirdly specific, widely relatable. 

The giant banner spot was going to be free for a few weeks before an advert for the blockbuster Anglo-Saxon show was due to go up, so we seized that space. And long copy felt right, we have an audience of readers after all. 

The reaction on social was phenomenal. Huge numbers of heartfelt responses were shared by the public. One photograph of the advert alone received 12,500 likes and 3,500+ retweets. Other institutions across the world created their own versions. I made a film using the writing too.

It won the Gold in Writing for Design at June’s Design Week Awards.

Check out more of Tom's work here and here.

Tom Sharp British Library Welcome

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