Chancellor's Budget far from 'fit for the future', says Creative Industries Federation

November 22, 2017

John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation, said: 

“Today’s Budget is disappointing. With the creative industries already contributing £87bn to the economy, the government has missed an important opportunity to invest in the UK’s fastest growing sector at a critical time for the country. 

“Failure to back our world-leading creative enterprises and entrepreneurs will be to the detriment of a sector that creates jobs at four times the rate of the wider UK workforce. A lack of commitment to the creative industries will mean that this job creation in our towns and cities across the land will be damaged. 

“All this comes at a time of lacklustre growth forecasts and the apportioning of a further £3bn to deal with faltering Brexit negotiations. 

“As a highly innovative sector, working increasingly closely with tech, the creative industries welcome new funding for innovation and improved digital infrastructure. But the lack of ambition behind government’s commitments to the creative industries sector deal and the Cultural Development Fund risks undermining the growth and prosperity all are trying to achieve.”


The Creative Industries Federation is the national body for the UK’s creative industries, public arts and cultural education. We are independent of government and represent more than 1000 members working in every nation and region of the UK and in every subsector of the creative industries - from advertising and architecture to fashion and creative tech. 

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