Government's sectoral analyses demonstrate 'major oversights', says Creative Industries Federation

December 21, 2017

The release of the Government’s ‘sectoral analyses’ is a positive development. It is regrettable that they were published only after protracted resistance. Future dealings with industry on Brexit must be far more transparent. 

The analysis of the creative and broadcasting industries covers many of the issues that the Federation has emphasised during the Brexit process - such as EU funding programmes, intellectual property rules and the digital single market. It is encouraging that Government is aware of the importance of these issues.  

However, there are major oversights too. The analyses do not consider the huge role freedom of movement has played in the creative industries’ success, including for short-term workers, freelancers and international touring companies. The sector has been clear that access to talent is the single more important issue at stake in Brexit negotiations, including through the Federation’s recent Global Talent Report. 

The analyses also lack depth on the issue of trade, where there is little consideration of the export of creative goods or performances. The Federation’s upcoming Global Trade Report will provide detail on every aspect of creative industries trade. It will set out how government can support the sector in future international trade agreements. 

We will continue to lead sector thinking on Brexit and work with Government to ensure the sector thrives in a post-Brexit settlement and continues to be a major motor of the broader economy.

For more information, please contact Jack Powell, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, at or on 020 3771 0350


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