October 19, 2017

The Federation’s ‘Global Talent Report’ demonstrates the crucial role that international talent plays in the UK’s creative industries and why we must have access to brightest and best from around the world if we are to remain the global leader in this sector. 

The report argues that government’s intention to end freedom of movement after Brexit puts the sector at risk of a major skills crisis. While the Federation does not support  government’s aim, we recognise that it will likely come to pass.  The  ‘Global Talent Report’ sets out recommendations on  how future immigration systems for both EU and non-EU workers can best support the creative industries. 

We launch the report on the same day that senior representatives from Labour, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats call on the Prime Minister to issue a clear and definitive statement on government's position on global creative talent.

The Federation will submit evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee’s consultation on the importance of EEA workers to the UK. 

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