Claire Whitaker

Serious Events Limited

Serious joined the Creative Industries Federation because it believed it had the potential to present a strong voice on the wide range of issues facing our organisation. In a time of public sector cuts, membership of industry bodies needs to be scrutinised in order to make sure that we are receiving value for money and we are very pleased with the benefits we are receiving for being a member of The Fed. In a very short time, the events which the Creative Industry Federation organises have become important dates in the diary, enabling us to catch up with many colleagues in one evening, in a way that hasn’t been easy since the 2012 Olympics when large scale networking event were held more regularly. I have been particularly impressed by the organisation’s very speedy response to the Brexit agenda and the continued communication as the challenges and opportunities unfold. Serious works within a mixed economy and the range of members and agendas complements our organisational structure very well. Membership allows us to be at the table on major issues which helps define our own strategy at a time of enormous and fast-paced change.
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